SPOTLIGHT: Female DJ's To Watch Out For

SPOTLIGHT: Female DJ's To Watch Out For

SPOTLIGHT: Female DJ's To Watch Out For

SPOTLIGHT: Female DJ's To Watch Out For

In recent years, the music industry has witnessed a remarkable shift in the traditionally male-dominated realm of DJing, with an unprecedented rise in the prominence of female DJs. Breaking through barriers and stereotypes, women have been making waves on the electronic music scene, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances and innovative soundscapes. From underground clubs to major festivals, these trailblazing artists are not only challenging gender norms but also reshaping the landscape of electronic music, proving that talent knows no gender.

To celebrate International Women's Month, we spotlight some amazing female DJ's that we beleive you need to look out for in 2024!


Rachael Anson, an incredibly versatile artist, effortlessly brings a spectrum of musical genres to life, seamlessly transitioning from Afrobeats to House, Dancehall to Reggae and Soca. Her performances have graced esteemed audiences, including stars like Naomi Campbell, Stormzy, and Burna Boy. Her collaborations with Apple Music, Anson's presence on the decks ensures an unmissable experience where the vibrant vibes never cease to captivate.

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Mercedes Benson is an International DJ and Digital Creative, based in London, but can be described as an International DJ as her gigs have taken her all over the world. Mercedes is well known on the London fashion and DJ circuit, having worked with the likes of Valentino, Nike, MAC, and Soho House. She has also blessed the stages of Glastonbury Festival, Dankie Rooms, Red carpet for the World premier of Willy Wonka and most recently graced the stage for the Nigerian Disney animation IWAJU. Mercedes is an all rounder, guaranteed to provide music from all the best genres.

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Nicky Summers is a DJ that specialises in SA house ( South African House music ) from London she has been immersed in all genres of music since she was a child. From gospel music to Native American folk songs this has helped with her extensive knowledge of all things music related and has been able to open her ears to new sounds. Nicky’s passion for house music is clear in her commitment to the sound and movement of SA House & Deep Tech. Playing at the likes of Afronation, Dankie Sounds and DLT MALTA, Ms. Summers stands as the epitome of African music not being a monoliths showcasing a range that spans. If you wanna partayy, Nicky Summers is your girl!

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DJ LAJ: LAJ made her debut at the very first Dankie Sounds in 2021, and since has been taking over the airwaves, with guest mixes at BBC 1Xtra, Capital Xtra, Reprezent and No Signal. With her diverse collection of sounds, DJ LAJ never misses and knows how to bring in a crowd. From the vibrant scenes of London to the rhythms of Ghana, the sun-soaked parties of Ibiza to the electrifying vibes in the USA, DJ LAJ stands as an international sensation for a reason. Her unique speciality in Afrobeats and Amapiano allows her to connect together the diverse sounds of the diaspora, setting the perfect tempo for the most memorable grooves. Her sounds have graced esteemed events such as the BAFTAs, exclusive Amazon Premiere Parties and the best day parties.

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Skyla Tylaa is ringing bells all over the music scene especially in the Amapiano scene. Not every day do you receive the endorsement of industry legends like Rihanna and Wizkid, but Skyla Tylaa has achieved just that. Her Amapiano mixes, coupled with infectious  choreography, inject a fresh and youthful energy into her sets, promising an experience above the ordinary. From starting her DJ'ing career on Instagram Live in her bedroom, to DJ'ing all over the world. Known for her unstoppable vibes, high fashion and great music choices, Skyla has spun the decks at renowned City Splash, Afro Nation, Dankie Sounds, and was also part of Wiz Kid's tour.

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Born N Bread, a vibrant collective hailing from South East London, elevates the music scene with a fusion of R&B, hip-hop, trap, grime, dancehall, and Afrobeats. Their unique sound is a testament to their commitment to doing justice to not only the music landscape but have also cultivated a community which celebrates all things art, culture and empowerment, embracing the spirit of "For Women by Women."

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Nicole Shai delved into the world of DJing, elevating her commitment by acquiring her own decks amid the initial UK lockdown in March 2020. Throughout the pandemic, she dedicated herself to self-learning, practicing daily—an endeavor that has proven immensely fruitful, given her current significant achievements.

Since then, she has showcased her talent by releasing numerous DJ mixes and contributing guest mixes on national radio stations. Nicole has also been the featured DJ for various events across London, extending her musical influence to audiences in Spain and Greece.

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Siobhan Bell the East London-based DJ, producer, and lover of music and fashion, has been on a remarkable climb in her career. Beyond just delivering uplifting vibes through her music, she has achieved milestones such as DJing for Megan Thee Stallion on tour and collaborating with the late iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Siobhan is an example to women that pursuing your passion knows no bounds, with her Instagram platform of 160k followers serving as a source of effortless motivation and inspiration for women worldwide.

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She goes by “Mother” because she likes to keep rooted to the motherland as Muuva T is a British born, Ghanaian and Lebanese DJ/Producer specialising in Afrohouse, Amapiano and all things house. Muuva T has been making noise with her fire sets, exclusive remixes and infamous edits. Capturing the attention of music lovers, Muuva has been establishing her name on the Amapiano circuit, she is described as the vibe mistress and queen of edits. As a resident female DJ for Dankie, she has taken her talents abroad and graced the decks at Piano People and Ama Fest to name a few. For anything House, Muuva T is your girl!

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NBK is new to the scene, but has shown exceptional vibes since she came onto the scene. Teaching herself how to Dj in the comfort of her bedroom has now led her to international bookings! Starting at the Recess open deck, her summer included sets at Stormzy's festival and a Dankie debut at Wembley Box Park, which followed sets in Ghana and Spain and had even stretched to Norway. Her millions of TikTok views are certainly an indication she won't be slowing down soon.

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