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In a heartbreaking story that has captivated hundreds of thousands of people across social media in just one night, a brave girl has shared the harrowing details of her childhood, after becoming a victim of sex trafficking by a man she specifically refers to as her “biological father”.

The 17-year-old girl, named Wealth, has decided to take her three-part story to social media in hopes the attention will help her reunite with her three young siblings, one of whom she has never met.

Her siblings were her only light during the dark years she spent as a victim of her vicious biological father, whom she has not seen since escaping the toxic environment.

Part 1 – What Was Happening?

After Wealth’s biological father petitioned the court for visitation rights, Wealth began supervised visits with him at their local McDonald's, at which her biological mother would be present. This progressed to Wealth spending weekends with her biological father and eventually, both parents would have equal time with their daughter during holidays.

Wealth details how while living in a one-roomed house with her violent biological father, there would often be several men engaging in alcohol and drugs on the tiny premises.

Tragically, Wealth explains how she would “be given” to men, some of whom would take her into vehicles and other venues to sexually abuse her.

Sexual abuse has been a part of Wealth’s life for so long that she cannot specifically recall how it started, however, the young girl hints at her father being a member of a type of ‘group’ where this behaviour was normalised.

“Every other weekend…he would sit me down, he would teach me the rules of how this is normalised, how this is what’s meant to happen, how men are allowed to touch you, how you are now a part of this and this is because God has put you on this earth to satisfy men and to satisfy the things that I tell you to do”.

“He was very violent with me, but I normalised it and I thought, if he’s not violent then he doesn’t love me”.  

When Wealth was in Year Six of primary school, after severe manipulation and brainwashing from her biological father, she ran away from her mother’s home to stay full-time with her biological father.

During the holidays, Wealth’s age mates spent long days at the park, surrounded by loving friends and family. Unfortunately for Wealth, this was not her reality.

“I’d spent the summer with different men. They were hurting me. They’d put me on mattresses tied up.”

According to Wealth, there was also some financial incentive involved in this horrific abuse.

“People were getting paid to hurt me and to touch me and to do things to me however they wanted.”

Growing up, Wealth’s biological father was able to manipulate her into believing that what was happening to her was normal. By using the Bible, and interpreting scripture to relate to Wealth’s pain, she was brainwashed into believing her father was the master, and doing what was right. They often used the example of Jesus having undergone suffering to save Christians from sin to relate to her own life, stating that she had to suffer “to save” those around her.

“We’d do rituals where we’d read the bible and use God as an explanation as to why this has happened.”
“I’d have to be the sacrificial lamb.”

Wealth describes how the men would cut and harm her body while praying that they could continue doing this to her. The perverse use of the Bible to justify the abominable actions served as a vital tool to control Wealth into submission.

By the time Wealth started year seven, she was still being passed around by several different men, violently hurt, and raped.

Part 2 – Wealth And Her Stepmother

Things became more complicated for Wealth when her biological father married her stepmother, who would go on to have three children, the siblings Wealth is eager to reconnect with.

Her stepmother would be present for Wealth’s abuse, and although she too was a victim of her biological father’s aggression and violence, her stepmother allegedly never intervened in the cutting, burning and sexual abuse suffered by Wealth.

In fact, Wealth explained how the woman fled the country with her two siblings once things became worse, leaving Wealth alone with her biological father and the men he would allow to abuse her.

Sadly, Wealth believed it was her responsibility to protect her stepmother, allegedly urging her biological father to abuse her over his wife despite the protection not being reciprocated by her stepmother, who was the adult in this situation, and therefore had a responsibility to care for her.

Eventually, Wealth’s stepmother and siblings were able to return after the completion of another “ritual” by Wealth after her biological father convinced her that was the only way to see her siblings again.

Details of the specific ‘group’ and in-depth explanations of the ‘rituals’ were not provided by Wealth at this time, but we can interpret from her story that the distortion of the Bible was a key part of the delusional practices of this despicable group.

Part 3 – The Escape Plan That Went Wrong

After spending years lying to teachers and social services about the cause of her injuries, Wealth and her stepmother hatched a plan to get away from her biological father’s unquestionable abuse.

On the day of a scheduled injection, the two decided that Wealth would not attempt to cover her bruises, as she normally would, in hopes of being questioned about their origin and finally telling the truth about the severe exploitation she had been enduring at home.

In year nine, when Wealth was thirteen or fourteen, she finally opened up to the shocking details of what was happening at home. Unfortunately, her stepmother had decided not to follow through with the plan.

Wealth’s biological father was arrested, and Wealth was taken out of the home.

With tears in her eyes, Wealth explained how her stepmother had decided she would no longer be a part of the escape plan, claiming to love her husband and warning Wealth to stop speaking about the abuse.

“It was too late. I’d said enough already.”

As a result, the day of the injection was the last day Wealth would see her younger siblings, who bewilderingly, are still in the care of her biological father.

The Conclusion

Wealth has since been bounced around from various foster placements, some of which she has unforgivably experienced similar abuse within.

The police case charged both Wealth’s stepmother and biological father for abuse, stating that her stepmother had a duty of care as an adult.

Wealth continues to defend her stepmother, claiming that she too was a victim and failed to speak up out of fear of her biological father.

The investigation was ongoing for years, starting when Wealth was thirteen/fourteen and only going to trial last year.

Wealth testified during the trial against her biological father, detailing the torture she had sustained under his care.

Despite Wealth's evidence, the jury could not reach a verdict on the case.

The case was tried again just December last year, and the jury failed to reach a verdict for the second time.

Wealth’s biological father has refused Wealth contact with her siblings as a result of “breaking free” from the sadistic group and going “against the rules” they had set for her. According to Wealth, her biological father is using her siblings to hurt her, as he knows they are a “weak spot” for her.

Clutching a personalised cushion of herself and her siblings, Wealth shares how she is still in the dark about the well-being of her family, how she is yet to receive answers from social workers as to why she has been denied visitation and why the children remain in her biological father’s care.

“I worry about them all the time. But I can’t do anything. I can’t just show up. I can’t just go there. I can’t just call them. I can’t do anything but continue to use my platform to speak about them”.

The words on the cushion read – ‘hug this when it hurts’.

Wealth is now in a position where she is requesting answers from the professionals around her. Abused and failed her entire childhood, Wealth seeks to find justice for her pain but more importantly, protect her young siblings from the poisonous environment she had the unfortunate experience of living through.

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