Residents, Love Island season is BACK and people are already gushing over the new bombshell, Uma Jammeh. Her arrival has even sparked discussions about who the baddest of them all in Love Island history may be. Therefore, we have put together a list of our top 12 fave Love Island baddies!

In no particular order, take a look at our top picks for Love Island's BADDEST girlies.

  1. Indiyah Polack

This season 8 queen took the nation by storm with her beauty, her great style, and her ICONIC skunk-stripe hairstyle. Although Indiyah placed third in the finals, she definitely comes first in her ability to slay every single look. She's also booked and busy, having being given a plethora of opportunities since leaving the villa, including co-presenting the Love Island official podcast and presenting at the MOBO awards.

  1. Zara Deniz (Zara Lackenby-Brown)

Zara, season 9, was really the bombshell that made a splash, as we saw her get into heated exchanges with frienemy Olivia Hawkins. Zara gave us spice, class, and girl power during her short run in the villa, not to mention iconic moments such as her blazing rows with Liv and her shutting down Tom Clare, resulting in his hilarious jacket-toss moment. Zara is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Tanya Manhenga

Tanya, another season 9 baddie, had all of us on the edge of our seats during her season. The Zimbabwean princess stole the show with her petite stature, effortless looks, and the drama she gave us with her partner Shaq. Not only is she super cute and a dancing queen, but she also gave us another iconic Love Island triangle as she struggled to choose between Martin and Shaq.

  1. Amber Gill

Amber is really THAT girl. The season 5 baddie gave us fire, drama, and 'Destiny's Chaldish'. The natural beauty contributed to season 5 being dubbed as the greatest season of all time, and we can absolutely see why. She never failed to put people in her place and proved she was a real ride-or-die for her friends. There was absolutely no question as to why she was crowned the winner of the season!

  1. Whitney Adebayo

It's giving BAD B*TCH! No one can ever forget our season 10 girlie, Whitney. It's no wonder Lochan locked her down as soon as they left the villa, as the entrepreneur is fun, sexy, and a whole vibe. She has been in her bag ever since she left the Villa, hosting her own podcast and promoting her hair care brand. We look forward to seeing what else this icon will do, as she totally deserves every opportunity that has come her way.

  1. Ella Thomas

Also from season 10, Ella is a certified baddie. This status was confirmed when she landed a huge brand deal with PLT shortly after leaving the villa. The Glaswegian absolutely oozed sexiness during the season, not to mention her endless list of STUNNING looks throughout the show. Ella was also a great friend to the girls in the villa, whilst also refusing to take any BS from former partner Ty during the season.

  1. Yewande Biala

Miss "have a nice life" truly won our hearts on season 5, with many agreeing that she was robbed of her time in the villa. She continues to stay classy, and has ventured into the world of fashion serving fire Y2K looks on the daily. Not only will her facecard NEVER decline, but neither will her baddie status.

  1. Uma Jammeh

Although this season 11 bombshell literally just arrived, she already has the internet talking about her beauty. She walked in, kissed all the boys, and made a beeline for her man in less than five minutes. We don't know much about the islander, but we don't doubt she'll be turning some heads in tonight's episode.

  1. Kaz Kamwi

Season 7 castmember Kaz was so nice, the producers chose to have her on TWICE. The stunner made her way back to the villa for the all-stars series, reminding us all just how cool she is. She has the humour, the brains, and to top it all off, the beauty.

  1. Mimii Ngulube

Mimii is another season 11 hottie that we can't wait to get to know. Currently getting to know Ayo, Mimii is a laidback beauty with a face and body to die for and a great sense of style. We haven't fully gotten to know her yet, but we're already obsessed.

  1. Jourdan Riane

Season 5 Casa Amor queen Jourdan flawlessly turned multiple heads when she arrived on the show. And we can absolutely see why she had Curtis acting like a damn fool! She's classy, and poised, and she makes any dress look fantastic. She presented herself really well in the show and for that reason, she gets to be on the baddie list.

  1. Catherine Agbaje

Catherine really is the Irish sweetheart we needed in our lives. She came in on season 10 and managed to win the nation's hearts in days, just by being kind and insanely gorgeous. She even had us all rooting for her relentlessly, which is why her departure from the show was so heartbreaking. Catherine is someone that you definitely want in your friendship group.

And so we have it. Now, we are well aware that we might have missed some of your faves. But just know, every islander to grace the screen deserves to be in th baddie hall of fame.

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June 6, 2024